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Thai Privilege Visa – Your Gateway to Long Term Stay in Thailand

Tired of doing visa runs or dealing with the hassles of securing short term tourist visas? The Thai Elite Visa offers foreigners a convenient long-term visa solution to stay in Thailand hassle-free.

Tired of doing visa runs or dealing with the hassles of securing short term tourist visas? The Thai Elite Visa offers foreigners a convenient long-term visa solution to stay in Thailand hassle-free.

Secure a long term visa in Thailand

No more headaches and visa runs

Access exclusive perks and benefits

Be treated like a VIP

Expedited immigration formalities and passport control

No more time wasting


✅ Stay in Thailand up to 20 years with multiple entries

✅ No need for visa runs or renew tourist visas every few months

✅ Access to VIP amenities like airport fast track, lounge access, golf privileges, spa treatments

✅ Personal concierge service for visa-related tasks and immigration formalities

✅ Special privileges like discounts on hotels, dining and shopping

Simply Amazing

“As a digital nomad, the visa agents helped me obtain a 5-year Thai Elite Visa smoothly. I can now comfortably live and work long-term in Thailand without frequently renewing tourist visas. The application process was efficient and I would recommend their visa services to any remote worker seeking long term residency.”

The Thai Elite Visa Becomes the Privilege Visa

NEW Privilege Card Packages:

The Thai Privilege program offers different packages based on validity period, price range and privileges. Options include:

  • GOLD Membership – 5 year validity, THB 900,000
  • PLATINUM Membership – 10 year validity, THB 1,500,000
  • DIAMOND Membership – 15 year validity, THB 2,500,000
  • RESERVE Membership – 20 year validity, THB 5,000,000

Additional family members can also be included in certain packages.

Application Process:

The application process is straightforward. Simply contact our visa agents for a consultation, submit required documents, make payment once approved and obtain your Thai Elite Visa on arrival in Thailand.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain long term access to Thailand. Contact us today to start your Thai Elite Visa application!

4 cards to choose from

Different perks and durations

Be treated like a king

Experience VIP treatement

Save time

Skip the immigration lines


The membership fee to apply for a Thailand Privilege Card ranges from 900,000 Thai baht to 2.5 million Thai baht, depending on which membership package you apply for. The higher-level packages have more benefits.

Thailand Privilege Card members receive benefits including 5 to 20-year renewable multi-entry visas, airport VIP assistance, priority immigration processing, 24/7 concierge services, complimentary nights at partner hotels, and access to special member rates and privileges at hotels, restaurants, and other vendors across Thailand. The higher membership levels include more privilege points and benefits.

The Thailand Privilege Visa program grants approved foreigners and their families the right to live in Thailand through 5-20 year renewable visas. Additional benefits depend on membership level but can include airport services, immigration priority, access to healthcare providers, member hotline services, privilege points to redeem at participating vendors, and more. The application process is expedited compared to regular visas.

Privilege Points are credits that Thailand Privilege Card members receive annually depending on their membership level. These points can be redeemed for extra benefits, products, and services from the program’s participating hotels, restaurants, retailers, golf courses, marinas and more across Thailand. More expensive membership levels receive more points to redeem.

Stay in Thailand long-term with no headaches!